Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank you!!!

Erm, is time to say thank you to all of my friends and colleagues.

I have been receiving a lot of wishes through out the world, haven't I? From UK, China, US, Singapore and of course in Malaysia..

Erm, this will be the busiest birthday that I have never had. Indeed, I was rushing for all my tasks which have already promised to someone else.

Anyway, I feel very touch with the sms, note in the facebook as well as the comments in the friendster. Thank you very much my dear friend and I do miss you all very much :)

Erm, time for myself to have some wrap up for the 28 years that been passing through:

1. Improvement needed in relationship management regardless with friends,
family or colleagues.
2. Improvement needed in financial planning especially controlling the espences.
3. Need to have more emotional control and try to look things in the other way.
4. Need to have more determination.
5. Need to be more focus...

Haha.. I think that is all for this years.. (Erm, if you have anythign to add, please feel free to add it as a comment :P)

I know what I am going to achieve in one year later and I have to start up a planning for myself in the next 5-10years.

Change is like putting a lipstick on a bulldog if it is only a cosmetic change. Therefore, I will come with a plan where state down my strength and weaknesses, the strategic to eliminate the gap as well as the action plan. So, stay tune, honey....

Last but not least...

A birthday song to myself... hehehehe

Happy birthday to me..

Happy birthday to me...

Happy Birthday to me..

Happy birthday to me....

p/s: Thank you to my colleagues who suppose to surprise me with a small cake but I think i have surprised them.. Hehehehe... And really sorry for not able to make it today as something came in emergency.. :P


ccc said...

Happy birthday! :)

SY said...

Terima Kasih!