Saturday, June 28, 2008



Friday, June 27, 2008

Why Pay More??????????

Hahahaha, just seal a great deal recently... Get a brand new "xPod Shuffle" 2Gb mp3 and a "mouse head" 2Gb mp3 player... hehehehe

Frankly, "A" brand is really a benchmark for trendy in those electronic device but the problem is the price is high...

But, when you see the "copy" capability from China man, hahahaha, you might as well find that you rdream has come true.

Of course, the MP3 player that I bought are not original from "A" brand, but the outlook, the functionality, even the touch pad are exactly the same. But the price, hehehehe, is in 2 figure ONLY(RM**)... This is really the most attractive part and is 2-3 time less than the original price.

Another good thing is, if you use "A" brand, you need an additional software call "xTune" to copy the song, but the MP3 that I have now, just as simple as copy paste.... Hahahahaha :D

However, there is some doubt about the quality, especially for those "made in China". But, don't you forget, who manufacture the "A" brand?? Is China man... All the products for example "xPhone" la, "xPod" la, "xEE" la, all are manufactured by China. Furthermore, the MP3 that I bought is giving me a half year one to one exchange warranty!!!!! What for spending 2 to 3 times more???

I have attached the picture, can you differentiate it??? Hahahahaha

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy life...

Yeah! Recently pretty busy. Reach home at 11sth at night, and having my dinner at 12...

Is abnormal, but, what can I do? Got to arrange my schedule properly....

Busy life, exhausted mind but meaningful. At least I know my path and I know where should I go...

Sometimes, people feel tired because of directionless. It is just like swimming in an ocean, without knowing your destination and evetually you will feel tired and sink...

Friends, I have mine, how about you?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hxxx xexxg Bank Credit Card

Don't use Hxxx xexxg Bank Credit Card!!! This bloody bank has playing arround with words and it might cause you to pay some unnecessary.

Yesterday was not a good day. When I reach home arround 8:30pm, I have seen a letter was put on my bed. Oh, with the curiousity that I have, I opened up the letter and I called with indignation to the customer service hot line.

After waititing for few minutes, listening to those time and money wasted information, finally, I was connected to the customer service. As per normal, after some verification, I started to voice out my concern. Belows were the conversation between me and the lady.

M (me): Hi, I have found something interseting in my bill. I was not using the card but I was charged for RM160 for the "annual fees". And the problem is, I only get this card 3 months ago. (anger lever 2)

G (girl): Oh yes sir, this is a standard process. If you are not using your card for minimum 3 times for the first 2 months, we will directly charge you the annual fees.

M: But the problem is I hven't used this card for one year???? (anger level 4)

G: Oh Sir, this is our procedure, the system will automatically charged you if you are not using 3 times for the first 2 months. In fact, this is waiveable, but with condition. The amount will be waived after you use the card for three times in this month.

M: This is totally a cheat!!! (anger level 6)

G: No! We are not cheating. I believe other bank also be same!

M: That is not true! HxxC charge me annual fees after one year usage, and some of the bank will indicate that if you are not spending more than RM50, they will charge a monthly fees for RM50. That one already been told when you apply the card. And, your agent told me that if I was not using for 3 times for the first 2 months, the bank will charge me annual fees. However, I felt that this card for me is for emergency. Therefore, if you charge me after one year, that is fair enough and I am wiling to pay!!!! (anger level 7)

G: Sorry sir, this is the standard procedure and we have to follow! You can waived it after you use this card for 3 times this month.

M: Is that means that you are forcing me to use your card??? (anger level 7.5)

G: Not forcing but this is the process.

M: Ok fine, I will bring this case to consumer association and judge whether it is reasonable to charge your customer for annual fees after 3 months usage!! (anger level 8-9)

G: So what you want me to do?

M: I want you to waive it and cancel the card right now! (anger level 8-9)

G: OK I will waive the annual fees for you but you got to go to the branch to cancel your card!

M: Thanks! (anger level back to 2)..


BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Storm Catcher

Raining day and indeed a boring day. Although I feel to have a companion, I still decide to be alone. I drove in the rain and with the favorite CD that playing.
Without a direction, I just drove base on my mood. Unconsciously I have reached Batu Maung and there is a strong feeling inside my heart telling that, I wanna go Balik Pulau.
By the time I reach somewhere near airport, I saw the sky has a big contrast where a side was a sunny day but the other was in raining. I stopped my car and quickly took out a camera and took a picture. hahahahaha It makes me feel like a storm catcher in Discovery Channel..... Yo!!!!

Without wasting anytime, I drove to my destination, Balik Pulau... Hehehehe, indeed, the main purpose to come here is to revisit my favorite Laksa which was sold in 50 cents few years ago... Hohoho, luckily, the stall is opened. When I reached there, I couldn't find a face that which I think is a boss, never mind, who care??? I washed my own bowl and put in the noodle and some chilies, onions and cucumber then the hot soup.... Yummy.... Sorry for not taking any picture as I was busying in eating my Laksa. Because of the low cost, don't expect great quality and in hygienic condition.... Well, normally good food will be served in a bad environment... this is yien's law.... hahaha..

If I have to comment the taste of the Laksa, ermm, it is OK but what makes me feel good is the memory that I have... hahahaha...Old story, lazy to tell..... During the "eating" time, I can feel that the people there is in relaxing mood, people come people go, and automatically they will prepare their own Laksa and put down the amount of money when they left. This is kind of trust that you will never meet in town. I sty for around half and hour and the boss only appear in the last 5 minutes that I was there....

After taking the laksa and felt satisfied, then I continued my journey to hanging around in Balik Pulau..Erm nothing much than a small town, so, I went home. In the middle of the way, I stop my car and took some of the pictures...It is really beautiful and I feel that this is a lost world in Penang...

Erm.. short journey, good memory....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mixture feeling

Recently, I have mixture feeling, a bit happy, a bit sad and a bit confusing...

Of course I know the reasons and I am sure some of you might know as well...
However, I think I have made up my mind and know what do I need.

Yeah, it is not that easy to do so, but I have to.... Everything come with price and this is the eternal "rules" of life....

Nevermind, at least everything that I own now is very precious and beautiful.....

And, it is time for me to look forward....