Friday, June 27, 2008

Why Pay More??????????

Hahahaha, just seal a great deal recently... Get a brand new "xPod Shuffle" 2Gb mp3 and a "mouse head" 2Gb mp3 player... hehehehe

Frankly, "A" brand is really a benchmark for trendy in those electronic device but the problem is the price is high...

But, when you see the "copy" capability from China man, hahahaha, you might as well find that you rdream has come true.

Of course, the MP3 player that I bought are not original from "A" brand, but the outlook, the functionality, even the touch pad are exactly the same. But the price, hehehehe, is in 2 figure ONLY(RM**)... This is really the most attractive part and is 2-3 time less than the original price.

Another good thing is, if you use "A" brand, you need an additional software call "xTune" to copy the song, but the MP3 that I have now, just as simple as copy paste.... Hahahahaha :D

However, there is some doubt about the quality, especially for those "made in China". But, don't you forget, who manufacture the "A" brand?? Is China man... All the products for example "xPhone" la, "xPod" la, "xEE" la, all are manufactured by China. Furthermore, the MP3 that I bought is giving me a half year one to one exchange warranty!!!!! What for spending 2 to 3 times more???

I have attached the picture, can you differentiate it??? Hahahahaha


ripalo cal said... not sure u know this or not, bt the chinese (im a chinese too), have very high technology. My dad's friend once bought a 10MP camera handphone. For like RM300. And it was 1 yr ago.... They gave him a 1 month warrnty, and in 2 months, it spolit.(they have technology to calculate when their things spoil) Nevertheless, it was a good experience having a high tech gadget.

Just wanted to tell u dude. The XXX and "A" brands are made in china, bt XXX dun haf the QC(quality control) of "A" brand. LOL.

SY said...

Hi dude..
Hahaha. perhaps you are right, the supplier give me half year warranty and is a one to one exchange. I choose it myself and i am the QC of that!!! hahahaha