Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hxxx xexxg Bank Credit Card

Don't use Hxxx xexxg Bank Credit Card!!! This bloody bank has playing arround with words and it might cause you to pay some unnecessary.

Yesterday was not a good day. When I reach home arround 8:30pm, I have seen a letter was put on my bed. Oh, with the curiousity that I have, I opened up the letter and I called with indignation to the customer service hot line.

After waititing for few minutes, listening to those time and money wasted information, finally, I was connected to the customer service. As per normal, after some verification, I started to voice out my concern. Belows were the conversation between me and the lady.

M (me): Hi, I have found something interseting in my bill. I was not using the card but I was charged for RM160 for the "annual fees". And the problem is, I only get this card 3 months ago. (anger lever 2)

G (girl): Oh yes sir, this is a standard process. If you are not using your card for minimum 3 times for the first 2 months, we will directly charge you the annual fees.

M: But the problem is I hven't used this card for one year???? (anger level 4)

G: Oh Sir, this is our procedure, the system will automatically charged you if you are not using 3 times for the first 2 months. In fact, this is waiveable, but with condition. The amount will be waived after you use the card for three times in this month.

M: This is totally a cheat!!! (anger level 6)

G: No! We are not cheating. I believe other bank also be same!

M: That is not true! HxxC charge me annual fees after one year usage, and some of the bank will indicate that if you are not spending more than RM50, they will charge a monthly fees for RM50. That one already been told when you apply the card. And, your agent told me that if I was not using for 3 times for the first 2 months, the bank will charge me annual fees. However, I felt that this card for me is for emergency. Therefore, if you charge me after one year, that is fair enough and I am wiling to pay!!!! (anger level 7)

G: Sorry sir, this is the standard procedure and we have to follow! You can waived it after you use this card for 3 times this month.

M: Is that means that you are forcing me to use your card??? (anger level 7.5)

G: Not forcing but this is the process.

M: Ok fine, I will bring this case to consumer association and judge whether it is reasonable to charge your customer for annual fees after 3 months usage!! (anger level 8-9)

G: So what you want me to do?

M: I want you to waive it and cancel the card right now! (anger level 8-9)

G: OK I will waive the annual fees for you but you got to go to the branch to cancel your card!

M: Thanks! (anger level back to 2)..


BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!


mallus domestica said...

tt is hong leong bank -.- ,isn't it? XD

启仁 said...

well, he didn't say it was.

启仁 said...

your temper fluctuate like flipping books @_@

ccc said...

cool down......
(fan... fan...)

Hey, there's a lot of free for life cards nowadays. Just cancel it and get a new one.

SY said...

Hi Apple:

Sometimes don't be too clever... hahaha :D get sued, you baru tahu! hahaha...

Hi Jin:

Erm.. luckily it turned to green in the final stage.. but it was not a good demo for emotional control... :P


hahaha, i know you are a doctor. Nice to meet you.. hahaha, your name make me recall a economic rice stall in UKM also names as CCC...
But anyway, i have canceled the card :P