Monday, June 9, 2008

Storm Catcher

Raining day and indeed a boring day. Although I feel to have a companion, I still decide to be alone. I drove in the rain and with the favorite CD that playing.
Without a direction, I just drove base on my mood. Unconsciously I have reached Batu Maung and there is a strong feeling inside my heart telling that, I wanna go Balik Pulau.
By the time I reach somewhere near airport, I saw the sky has a big contrast where a side was a sunny day but the other was in raining. I stopped my car and quickly took out a camera and took a picture. hahahahaha It makes me feel like a storm catcher in Discovery Channel..... Yo!!!!

Without wasting anytime, I drove to my destination, Balik Pulau... Hehehehe, indeed, the main purpose to come here is to revisit my favorite Laksa which was sold in 50 cents few years ago... Hohoho, luckily, the stall is opened. When I reached there, I couldn't find a face that which I think is a boss, never mind, who care??? I washed my own bowl and put in the noodle and some chilies, onions and cucumber then the hot soup.... Yummy.... Sorry for not taking any picture as I was busying in eating my Laksa. Because of the low cost, don't expect great quality and in hygienic condition.... Well, normally good food will be served in a bad environment... this is yien's law.... hahaha..

If I have to comment the taste of the Laksa, ermm, it is OK but what makes me feel good is the memory that I have... hahahaha...Old story, lazy to tell..... During the "eating" time, I can feel that the people there is in relaxing mood, people come people go, and automatically they will prepare their own Laksa and put down the amount of money when they left. This is kind of trust that you will never meet in town. I sty for around half and hour and the boss only appear in the last 5 minutes that I was there....

After taking the laksa and felt satisfied, then I continued my journey to hanging around in Balik Pulau..Erm nothing much than a small town, so, I went home. In the middle of the way, I stop my car and took some of the pictures...It is really beautiful and I feel that this is a lost world in Penang...

Erm.. short journey, good memory....

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