Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It is a nightmare for me, when I notice the pain from my lower back.

I still remember the pain that I had 4 years ago, lying on the bed like a paralyse patient.

The differences from a paralyse patient are, I still can talk, can laugh, can watch movie.

Because of the severe pain, I took a lot of pain killer and this was the only thing that the doctor can provide to me. I will never ever forget it...

Now, the pain is back. It is not as severe as last time, but it is good enough for me to worry about.

Yes, the pain killer is back as well. And, I try to make my every single move to be as slow as I can.

Hopefully the pain will go off after few days... Yeah.. Hopefully...


ccc said...

Gosh, u r still so young, better look for a good orthopaedic doc and have proper work-up other than keeping the fingers crossed.

启仁 said...


SY said...


Today feel better. NOw is taking synflex and Anarex. I have gone through operation when I had a slipped disc 4 years ago. Now the pain come again ==||

Hi Botak:

I think is my spine. Getting better now..