Sunday, May 18, 2008

2nd JKMB Gathering (Penang)

A big relief when the gathering finally ended with laugh. Yep, this is the 2nd JKMB (Jabatan Kejuruteraan Mekanikal dan Bahan, UKM) gathering.

As per ususal, most of the participants came from Northen region, but there are some who has travelling all the way from KL and Johor to attend the dinner.

It is quite excited to meet them up again though some of them are working in Penang. And, as a common phenomenon, most of them have putting up their weight... hahahaha.. Hey friends, watch out, and I will put my effort to reduce mine as well.... hahahaha.

After the dinner, there are some suggestions from them, in fact they are proposing to have a 3D2N trip to somewhere else for the following year gathering. Erm.... that would be a good idea, but what we got to do is to compromise with the date and of course the fees... hehehe...

Lastly, hope they all can have a better life (not only working) and have an enhancement in their career life when we meet up again in 2009... All the best you all!

1st Gathering, 2007 @ Genting Highlands

Group Photo, 2008 gathering @Park Royal

KL and Johor friends, 2008 Gathering @Bayu Emas

Tired organizer, 2008 Gathering @ Park Royal

The infection of Alcohol, 2008 Gathering @ Audees Jazz Pub

Penang Puff Daddy, 2008 Gathering @ Audees Jazz Pub

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L said...

Well Done!
Thanks for everything!!