Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yesterday, I received a virtual rose from one of my friend saying that yesterday is a "close friend day". Erm, I am not that sure whether it was really a "close friend day", but the rose was really making me feel warm in my heart.

People always claim that with the technologies advancement, the connection among people become weeker. However, I have a different thought with it. You might claim that we will lack of "hand writting" and it shows lack of "sincererity". Oh well, it is true, but I think that the way of connection today is a bit different. Although we have reduced the frequency of writting a letter or sending a Christmas card, the frequency of sending email or forwarding email has been increased tremendously. With a simple copy and paste process, or a reply to all, we have got everyone connected. You might be a busy man and you will feel annoying with those forwarded email. But, when you feel bored or upset sometimes, those forwaded email has made some effect to cheer you up. It is true.

With the advancement of technologies today, I can communicate with my friends who is studying in Scotland DAILY. I have to admit that I won't be able to write him a letter daily so do him, I guess. With the advancement of technologies today, I have met some of my friends who has not been contacting each other since graduation from high school. Therefore, I strongly feel that the connection today become closer and closer.
If in quantitative wise, I do not have a lot of friends. However, I am glad that the friends that I have are best in qualitative wise. Although we do not meet up everyday or every week, we know that we care to each other. Some of them even working in oversea or studying oversea, but, we do not feel that we has been "disconnected". Therefore, I am glad to have you to be my friend and I am blessed.
So, no matter what day is the "close firend day", but for me, it should be everyday. No one is an island, no one can stand alone. True, noone....

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