Tuesday, May 20, 2008


To whom it may concern (might be myself):

I am here to talk about life. Life is kind of plain paper (base on some defination of someone), and the colour of life, is all about what you want it to be.

Yeah I can't agree more with this statement. Life is neither tied to your family nor your partner. It is tie to yourself. Maintaining is no longer sufficient in this fast moving world, all you want to do is change it!

Last night, I was riding a Honda C70 motorcycle to town. The speed of the motorcycle was approximately 40km/h and something has sparked in my mind. Why my speed was so slow if I compare to the cars which passing me with high speed. The asnwer has immediate come and it was not because of slow, but the capability of other vehicle has improved. That is why, I could feel the "slow".

Therefore, if we are still maintaining ourselve like my Honda C70, and one day we will get eliminated by the world.

Hence, I start to work hard to catch up myself to the fast moving world and of course for a better future. So, my friend, don't sleep, hope you will stay with me and let us explore the better future!!!



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Pasifik said...

you're right. but sometime we have to slow down for a while. and see what we've done down the line.
that the beauty of it.

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