Sunday, April 13, 2008

Agilent Pangkor Explorace

I think this is the first time that I took the initiative to take part in the company function. Erm.... It might be some hidden reason that I will not disclose here...hehehehe :D

Erm, at the day we depart, I only have 3 hour sleep at the night before. Why??? Hahahah, because I went out for a drink with a group of friend till late night... So i got to take the effect of not enough sleep and try to make myself awaken as I am the driver and the team leader for my team... God bless.....hahaha

FI Race Car... Before the race....

When everything is ready, after the briefing form the committee, took the first clue, and without any consideration, we straight to the first point, Juru Toll. However, by the time we turn out from phase 3, we received a phone call...."hey!!! the first point is not Juru toll!!! Please turn back!!!! The first point was at Sport Complex!!!!" WHAT????? without wasting any time, we straight away made a big U turn and back to Agilent!!

When we reached Sport Complex, I saw the committee was laughing on us... So the journey started with a big Joke!!!

After completing the first task, we moved to Juru toll. When we reached there, there were so many confusing faces standing beside the road.... Then I know why the committee was laughing at us as we have the same feeling.

The rules of the game is quite simple and straight forward. There were 2 parts which were the explorace chanllenges and the treasure hunt. For the Explorace challenges, we will get a clue which will direct us to a place to complete some tasks and for the treasure hunt, we need to follow the tulips and solve the given question by finding the correct signboard.

From Tambun to Jawi, from Jawi to Taiping and eneded at Lumut. All the way, we scratched our head, running like crazzy under the ot sun, lost in the highway.... what a great experiance.

During the race....

Finally, we manage to reach the jetty and complete the last challenge before the time ended. And we are so proud as we are the first team to reach the jetty. With a arrogant face, hanging arround at the jetty, laugh at those who came late with a flustered face, discussing how to spend the money for the first and second prize and taking photo here and there...

Tired Face but happy heart :D and with a lovely stationer... hehehe :D

After hanging arround at the jetty, we took the first ferry to Pangkor. Every single one of us were so happy and excited as we "thought" we at least got sth for the competition.

Arrogant face with a sure win heart!!!

Time passed without noticed by the excited heart, we went for the buffet dinner. Frankly, the dinner was not that good and the hotel was not that up to standard. Anyway, the excitment has made us forget all those bad things...

Lastly, the moment has come... Prize giving session. "The fiith runners up goes to....Team XXX" With a big round aplause, we wait for the next announcement.. Te fourth runners up goes to...TeamXXX...the third, the second and the first runners up goes to.... TeamXXXXXXXXX...

and, finally the champions goes to.....TEAM XXXX.... with the big claps, we both team were still sitting at the original place... why???????? we loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, we loss the game though we are the first team. Haiz... with the dissapointment, we left the cafe and heading to a shop and got us some beers. I think, the team needs some alcohol to calm down their mind....

After finish all the beers, we went for sleep with a sad and dissapointing heart... What to do???

However, there are still some of the memorable moment for the trip. First, this is the first time we join the treasure hunt and along the way, it was really a good experiance for me especially i passed by some of rural area. The view is so great and it is so adventurous. Second, this is the first time i go to Pangkor. Altough it is not so great if compare to Langkawi island and Perhentian Island, I still enjoy the time there. Third, this is the first time I travel with my colleague and we were so free as most of time, we just made a last minute decision without any planning.

Sunset at Pangkor.... What a beautiful moment and what a sad feeling... ==

So?? What is the coclusion? It is fun! and i think i will take part for the next round and grab the champion home!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH :D

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