Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The day has come

The day has come. It has been eneded with a lot of "why". But please forgive me for not doing anymore clarification. I am sad though I am the one who make the decision.

It was a precious memory that I have to be with her since 1998. A lot of my friends feel that it was not worth to give up. For me, i do admit, but you know, something in this world are totally out of your control.

I still can feel the warm of her tears when it dropped on my face. I will never forget every single moment that we have been together. The happy moment, the hard time as well as the sweet time are all unforgotten.

Stay cool dear, you should have a britghter future without my constraint. I understand your feeling as I am also suffering it. But, I think there are much more things that we can do for our own and for our family. I am glad that you've put your trust on me. Do live happier, stronger than ever. I know you can do so.

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