Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Additional Debt

Today, I think I have done the most crazy thing in my life. Yeah, I put additional debt on my shoulder.

Why I did so? For fun? Absolutely not for fun. This is for a better future and to achieve some of the goal in my life.

It is worth to do so now. So, guys, I am ready! I must get myself ready as soon as possible to fight for my future! I will reload myself with a powerfull armour to go for a battle.


P/S: Special thanks to SP and DY for the help. :D

1 comment:

tunadolphi said...

初次到访.. 被‘彦’吸引来这里,我的名字里也有个‘彦’。呵呵~
Yeah..fight for your future! All the best!